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  • 何可_变量的具体含义和描述性统计
    huazhong agricultural university,
  • 李杰_不同栽培方式水稻的播栽期(月/日) The sowing and transplanting date of rice under different cultivation methods (m/d)
    yangzhou university
  • 彭善池_图1用底界的界线层型定义层型地点相距遥远的阶,要比用
    state key laboratory of palaeobiology and stratigraphy, nanjing institute of geology and palaeontology, chinese academy of sciences
  • qym1.jpg
    zhejiang normal university
  • 王涛_图1 (a) 无构造措施砖混结构Masonry residential buildings without constructional measures
    key laboratory of earthquake engineering and engineering vibration,institute of engineering mechanics,cea,
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